Social Commitment

RSD believes in creating value by empowering individuals, communities, and the economy.

Together with our clients, we guarantee that environmental considerations are integrated into our daily activities. From this standpoint, RSD's ideology is embedded in its vision as follows:


RSD has created a community involvement program as part of its corporate social responsibility to promote social and cultural development. RSD connects with the community through a range of cultural, social, and sporting activities, which are mostly scheduled around national holidays, sports days, and other festivals.


As a national company, RSD is obligated to support local suppliers/vendors in order to help the local economy grow and thrive. We realize that the development of local suppliers results in mutual and sustainable growth for both the supplier and RSD.


At RSD, we take environmental stewardship extremely seriously, and we strive to avoid contamination in any of our facilities. RSD remains globally accredited in 'Environmental Management System'.

Our Environmental Management System (EMS), which is part of the company's overall IMS, includes a variety of environmental policies and procedures to guarantee that the necessary degree of controls are implemented in accordance with the primary environmental goals within RSD's operations. The primary elements of the EMS cover

  • Waste Management
  • Chemical Management
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Noise Management
  • Oil Spill Prevention Planning

To reduce dangerous environmental discharges, all RSD offshore facilities are outfitted with 'oily water separators' and'sewage treatment units'. These machines are frequently serviced using the RSD automatic preventive maintenance system.

RSD has also implemented an excellent spill prevention system at all RSD locations, with each facility/rig having its own spill contingency plan that includes spill preventive measures, mitigations, and emergency preparedness. Environmental spill exercises are conducted on a regular basis, as well as spill prevention education and awareness seminars. RSD has had zero spill incidents since 2016.


We realize that developing nationals is our responsibility and so welcome chances to engage and develop nationals. RSD recruits nationals and foreign nationals with varying educational levels, backgrounds, and experience, trains and develops them in a friendly and supportive learning environment, and provides a potential career path.

Engagement of Nationals in Rig Crew The company's primary goal is to create jobs and nurture potential among nationals.

RSD's mission is to establish a strong workforce that will assist the organization's progress toward reaching the 'Canada National Vision 2030'.