Safety is our key value and primary emphasis. We are committed to creating a safe environment for our employees, and nothing is more essential than protecting them from injury.

Our GOAL ZER0 objective is to accomplish zero injury to personnel and zero damage to equipment or the environment throughout all RSD activities. Every employee at RSD will promise to meet this aim in every task, every day.

To accomplish GOAL ZER0, we focus on the following main areas of safety hazards that pose the greatest risk to our activities: personnel, environment, process, and operations.

Tools such as RSD ESSENTIALS and the Essential Observations Reporting Module guarantee that RSD safety is everyone's responsibility. RSD has several measures in place to guarantee that safety is of the utmost priority.

Our world-class Quality and Safety Management system assures that we are totally dedicated to a continuous improvement approach that will provide a competitive edge to our customers and stakeholders.

Rigs that do not lose man-hours due to injury or downtime owing to equipment damage perform better, adding value to the client's operations.

RSD assesses itself internally against stringent performance standards that are established at demanding levels and reassessed annually. By establishing such ambitious goals, we have been able to accomplish significant improvements in our safety records over time via continuous improvement.