About HR

R & S Drilling's Human Resources Department supports the Human Resource demands of the organization and its workers by providing comprehensive and professional Human Resources services through its multi-functional staff. It fosters organizational life by ensuring that its functions are carried out effectively and efficiently.


Our Human Resources Department's objective is to be the preferred employer in the nations where R & S Drilling operates by attracting, developing, and keeping highly skilled employees.


Our Human Resources Department's mission is to assist, recognize, and cherish the Company's most significant resource: its employees.


Service Excellence: Responsive, courteous, supportive, and accurate
Highly Ethical Conduct: Reflecting honesty, integrity, and fairness
Dignity and Respect: For each other and all members of the Company's varied community.
Diversity: Fostering appreciation for variety, creating a friendly, inclusive, and cooperative atmosphere for everyone, and unity among all groups.
Teamwork: Cooperation and collaboration among all staff members of Human Resources and with other members of the R & S Drilling’s community HR supports the continued growth and development of the company’s most valuable resource… OUR PEOPLE.