About us

R&S Drilling Company was founded in the United States and Canada to drill onshore and offshore oil and gas wells. And since then, we've expanded to become one of the world's largest and most technologically sophisticated oilfield service companies.

R&S Drilling Company has had remarkable expansion during the last thirteen (13) years. R&S Drilling Company's rig fleet has expanded to twenty (20) assets, with a total workforce of around one thousand six hundred (1600) personnel. The fleet now comprises of nine (9) offshore jack-up drilling rigs, eight (8) land rigs, two (2) lift boats, and one (1) accommodation jack-up.

R&S Drilling expects to have 100% market share for onshore rigs and around 67% for offshore rigs by the end of 2017.

R&S Drilling has invested in infrastructure to support its drilling activities. For example, a central warehouse supplies spares and consumables to the rigs, a large workshop ensures that our repair and maintenance systems meet OEM and industry requirements, and a modern camp site housing all onshore staff. R&S Drilling also has many cranes and articulated vehicles to aid with rig transfers, as well as four (5) water well units that offer drilling services for drilling sites.

R&S Drilling is a world-class drilling company and market leader in the United States and Canada that specializes in safe, efficient, and cost-effective drilling, liftboat, and jack-up accommodation services.