Water Well Services & Well Drilling Services

As an experienced well drilling company in California, DCA Drilling and Construction provides water well services to businesses and residents all over the state. Family-owned and operated, we work one-on-one with each client to connect on a personal level, so we can understand exactly what the client needs.

Specializing in water well drilling services, DCA Drilling also provides other water well servicing projects. DCA Drilling’s team of professionals lend their expertise to various projects and well drilling services, including seawalls, shoring, septic pits, and shallow well construction, to name a few.

Shallow Well Construction

Well construction is one of the most common projects DCA Drilling oversees. In some cases, only a shallow well is necessary to bring water to one’s property. These wells are typically no more than 10- to 20-feet deep and roughly six feet in diameter, though exact dimensions can vary from project to project depending on the location of the water table. These wells are usually fitted with hand-powered pumps in order to access the water.

Our expertly-trained employees can use a number of methods to complete the shallow well construction process. Three of the main methods for constructing these wells include:

  • Lining the well with normal bricks: It’s important that these bricks have tiny holes in them and are penetrable so water can pass through. Lining the well with non-permeable bricks will prevent the well from serving its main purpose.
  • Lining the well with interlocking blocks: If the diameter of the well is not circular, pillars can provide additional support throughout the well.
  • Lining the well with wired blocks: The first step in this process is to make a cutting ring. The wired reinforcement should be placed into the trench — able to sink down — and then the mortar is poured in around the reinforcement. Digging should be done inside the well in order for the sinking process to be effective.

For questions regarding any water well servicing issues, well construction, or other water well drilling services, contact DCA Drilling and Construction, Inc. You can also receive a free estimate for your project via email.

Whether you’re in need of residential well drilling services or complex commercial water well services, DCA Drilling can help you, your family, or your business get the job done and get the job done right.