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Stop Wasting Water! Follow These Tips to Save Money and Water

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Owning a home is expensive. On top of purchasing all the necessary household items, like furniture, carpeting, and appliances, you have to stay on top of all the maintenance, all the cleaning, and all of the bills.

Doing whatever you can to save money is essential if you want to live comfortably and not just get by every month. There are many things you can do as a homeowner that will end up saving you money.

Don’t Use as Much Water!
Preserving your water is important not only for the environment but for your wallet as well. You don’t want to rack up huge water bills by running the sink 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You have to be responsible with your water supply. Here are some tips that might help.

Hire a Well Digger
Working with a residential well drilling company can help you access water that you never even thought was available. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 15 million homes in the U.S. rely on household wells for their primary source of drinking water. Approximately 25% of all rainfall in this country becomes groundwater that can be accessed by an experienced well digger.

Every day, Americans use 79.6 billion gallons of groundwater — we might as well access this water while we can. Rather than running the faucet a few times every hour to get a glass of water, having your own private water supply can save a significant amount on your water bill.

Water-Friendly Kitchen
Try to be aware of how much water you actually do use in an average day. Maybe you hand wash all of your dishes; if you leave the faucet running the entire time, that’s a tremendous amount of water being wasted. Limit the amount of time you run your faucet.

Turn the faucet off while you are washing your hands with soap and only back on when you need to rinse them off.

When washing the dishes, fill up both sides of the sink and then turn the faucet off. One side can be used for washing the dirty dishes and the other side can be used for rinsing and cleaning.

Use paper plates as much as possible. Using more paper products will help limit the amount of dishes that need washing.

There are many more ways to save money on your water bill, but starting with these steps can certainly help. Contact a well digger if you are serious about having a more efficient private water supply, and be aware of how much water you might be wasting.

Clean Drinking Water Right Under Your Nose… and Feet

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The importance of clean drinking water cannot be overstated. It’s something we certainly should not take for granted, as some areas of the world have little or no access to clean water. Some parts of the United States struggle with providing safe drinking water because of issues with their municipal water systems.

Finding clean water can be as easy as looking under your feet. The groundwater underneath your property can be easily accessed by well digging companies. It’s important to research your property and water supply and to be aware of how residential well drilling can help provide clean drinking water for your entire family.

Every day Americans use 79.6 billion gallons of groundwater. That’s the equivalent of every person in the U.S. using 2,923 12-ounce cans of water every single day. Not using this free water under the ground seems like a giant waste. Well drilling contractors can access this water for you.

In addition to drinking clean water, you also need to make sure that you’re drinking enough of it, too. That’s why having water well specialists test the groundwater to see if it’s safe for drinking is so important. They can help prevent diseases or worse.

If you don’t test your groundwater, there is a chance that serious issues can arise. The most common issue with groundwater is the buildup of calcium and magnesium, which dissolve in the water. This buildup causes hardness and because the total dissolved solids (TDS) levels can reach above 1,000 milligrams per liter, this can lead to poorly tasting, unhealthy water.

If you have unhealthy water and are not able to drink the recommended amount there can be minor to severe consequences. Even as low as a 2% drop in body water can result in short-term memory loss, trouble with basic cognitive skills, and difficulty focusing on computer screens or pieces of paper.

There are more than 15 million households in the U.S. that rely on private, household wells for their drinking water, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Residential well drilling companies can help provide clean drinking water for you and your entire family.